Do You Know the Importance of Reading Music on Guitar?

We have learned about the most popular types of guitars in our previous month’s blog here :What Are The Most Popular Types of Guitars?

This blog will focus on the importance of theory or reading staff notation on guitar. I know you must be wondering that what is the point of reading music on guitar? We will provide you with enough reasons to do so. This is probably the most ignored area by maximum guitarists. But it has many benefits. Let us see how the theory motivates and benefits us in the journey of becoming a true guitarist.

Build Confidence:

It builds up the musical confidence better especially in jam sessions for those new to jazz. It can get complex if you do not know the theory. On the other hand, if you know the theory and can read it well, can turn an embarrassing situation to a creative and fun moment without getting a sense of nervousness.

Increased Fretboard Knowledge:

As you learn to read music on guitar, you get to know more about the fretboard. You know notes, scales, chord tones, extensions, arpeggios, key signature, pretty well that helps you while playing solo or comping in a jazz guitar situation.

Participate in Big Bands:

Once you know to read music on guitar, obviously your skills improve. In order to play in a bigger band, this skill is a must have. You cannot afford to waste rehearsal time and stop in between when the band is cooking.

Become more creative:

A solid knowledge of theory helps to see music in a more creative and productive way. You play extraordinarily and focus on the concept of several possible destinations such as target notes.

Shortcut to learn harmony:

The theory helps you to learn the harmony well. If you know how chords are constructed, it will help you connect notes that you play in a solo with any chords being played in the background or vice versa.

Keep your transcriptions alive:

If you can read music, you can write out any line or solo you transcribe, and at the same time keep all the records for future study. It can prevent from wasting time that no one can actually afford in the practice room.

Now you understand the importance of reading music on guitar. It gives you a solid understanding of theory you will exactly now the vocabulary of a guitar. Ask a guitar supplier in the Philippines to know more about the same.

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