Why Are There More Male Guitar Players Than Female?

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In this male dominating society, the music industry is definitely not an exception. A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. But we hardly come across a female guitar player. Is it because men are better or more capable guitar players? Or, is it a masculine stereotypical instrument ideal for physically capable strong men and mot women? Is the famous saying – what a man can do, a woman can do better has been proved wrong in the case of guitar players? Well, I do not think so. Ladies have already been seen taking up the male-oriented roles in different sectors. The time is changing but the guitar playing is still not among one of them. Let us find out the possible reason behind the same.

Most guys get into guitar playing in their teens and consider it as their musical hero and continue to make and achieve something more in later stages. Female rock stars are hardly there to model after and therefore girls those are interested in guitar playing end up using it in a passive way or as a fashion accessory.

Cultural stereotypes and social conditioning can be one major reason for having fewer female guitarists. The belief that females play the piano, flute, violin, harps, etc. and males play the guitar, drums, saxophone, etc.

Physical strength may be another reason behind having more male guitar players. Certain instruments such as flutes are feminine in terms of its small size and high pitch whereas a guitar has more masculine characteristics. It needs a lot of strength to press the strings of a guitar and maybe that is the reason most girls end up giving guitar lessons due to constant pain and end up picking up an instrument that is easier to play.

A female guitar player does not take up guitar playing to impress the opposite sex, unlike male guitar players. It is believed that girls get attracted to a guitar player easily and that is why more guys take up guitar playing seriously from the very beginning. Find out more in the blog mentioned below:

Why Are Women Attracted To Guitar Players?

Nevertheless, the stereotype is breaking now and the time is changing. Global Music, a renowned guitar supplier in the Philippines says that more female players are now investing in a good quality guitar. It is about interest and passion to do something. If you got an interest, you can master it irrespective of your sexuality.

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