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The Weirdest Musical Instruments In The World |Part-3

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To be continued….

The list of the weirdest musical instruments in the world continues here.

The Hyperbass Flute

The hyperbass flute is a relatively newer instrument and its tone is still under refinement. It is the largest member of the flute family so far with a 15 meters long piping. It is massive and weird.

The Octobass

The octobass was invented in the year 1850 by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, a certifiable genius, and a fan of massive string instruments. It is a chuffing massive double bass that stands at 3.48 m tall. It is too big to play with hands alone. Therefore, there are elaborate foot pedals to make the job easier.

The Sharpsichord

The sharpsichord was invented by Henry Dagg. He has got one of the coolest sounding job titles ever- Sound Sculptor. The sharpsichord is actually a gargantuan pin-barrel harp that contains 11 cylinders and the pins strike internal rings as they rotate.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ

The great stalacpipe organ was invented by Leland W. Sprinkle in 1956 which is situated in an underground cave called Luray Caverns in Virginia, Unites States. There is a very interesting story behind its invention. It says that Sprinkle got the idea when his son hit his head on one of the stalactites that produced a low vibrating hum from the cave.

The Cello Horn

The cello horn looks like a squirrel-sized playground title debted at Chicago trade show. It is played like a cello and produces a unique tonal effect. The sound is produced somewhere between the strings and brass.

The Hornucopian Dronepipe

The hornucopian dronepipe is an entirely 3D printed instrument invented designed by MONAD Studio, Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg with musician Scott F. Hall. It is one of a set of dystopian-looking instruments which together form an art installation. The other instruments are two-string piezoelectric violin, one string electric travel bass guitar, one-string piezoelectric monovioloncello, and a small didgeridoo.

Isn’t it surprising? Did you know before reading this blog about these weird instruments in different parts of the world? Its time to explore these instruments apart from the regular one that you have been playing for ages. Also keep checking Global Music, an online musical instruments store to buy the newest add ons to our instruments’ list.

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