Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying A Musical Instrument |Part-1

musical instrument in the Philippines

Over a period of time, if you have discovered a love for music and you are giving a thought to buy a musical instrument for yourself, then give this one a read. It is a big decision as any musical instrument is an investment. It is similar to buying a new car as there are tons of musical instruments brands to choose from. It can be overwhelming to choose the apt one from so many different options. Every musical instruments’ features keep getting better every year such as darker tone quality, lighter weight, more ergonomic design and so on. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a pro, ask yourself these important questions before buying a musical instrument in the Philippines.

Decide on the right instrument for you

Choose the perfect instrument among many that suits your personality best. An instrument that has always fascinated you and now you are all set to try it out yourself. Play to your strengths and select the instrument wisely keeping in mind that playing it should be a pleasurable experience and not a painful one to you.

Consider the right size

There are many different sizes of musical instruments. Do not invest in one which is too big or too small for you. Do consider your height and physical strength before buying an instrument. For example: if you consistently suffer from back pain, then Sousaphone is not the right instrument for you, similarly, a trombone is not suitable for a musician with shorter arms and so on.

Consider your budget

Invest in a musical instrument that you can afford initially, to begin with. Do not jump on very expensive instruments especially if you are a beginner. Practice on an economically priced musical instrument to get hold over it and maybe invest on a better one for a second buy. For example, in case of a piano, an upright piano is less expensive than a grand one.

Consider the sound quality

Whichever instrument you select should make you feel and sound like a complete professional. If you are not satisfied with the sound quality means something is definitely wrong with the instrument. Do not hesitate to ask for an alternate one. Also, the sound of the instrument should soothe your ears and not make you mad.

The next blog will cover the rest of the points. Keep reading.

To be continued….

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