The Weirdest Musical Instruments In The World | Part-1

Weirdest Musical Instruments

We are familiar with the most popular instruments such as a guitar,piano, and many others. Let us introduce to you the weirdest, unusual and most unique musical instruments that you have never heard of. Enjoy Reading…

The Conch

The conch is more than 12000 years old and is being used all over the world wherever large gastropod shells are commonly found. It has been widely used in different variations and sizes in the Pacific region, the Caribbean and from South Asia to Mesoamerica. It was mainly used in ceremonies or religious places and is known by many names in different countries. Some popular names include Pu, Aztecs, etc.

The Yaybahar

The yaybahar is invented by Turkish musician Gorkem Sen and is a new electric free acoustic instrument. It is best described as large set up made of frame drums and coiled springs. The coiled springs make for an interesting echo that is somewhat reminiscent of laser guns in old space movies.

The Theremin

The theremin is named after the westernized name of its Russian inventor, Leon Theremin who patented the device in 1928. It requires no touch to produce the sound, instead, the sound is produced by moving the hands in proximity to two‘antennas’. It became popular in 1994 when the film ‘Therein- An Electronic Odyssey’ was released.

The Glass Harmonica

The glass harmonica is invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin. It is a fragile instrument as it uses a series of glass bowls or goblets graduated in size to produce a broad range of musical tones through friction. It creates beautiful sounds and became quite popular. Many popular composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Tom Waits, David Gilmour etc. have played this unique instrument.

The Jew’s Harp

The Jew’s harp is known by many different names including trump,gimbard, juice harp, Ozark harp, or jaw’s harp. It is a lamellophone musical instrument that belongs to the group of plucked idiophones. It is a small instrument made of bamboo or metal tongue attached to a frame. The tinge is used to produce the sound along with the finger.

The list does not end here and it is to be continued in the next month’s blog. Till then research more on musical instruments by visiting a good online music store in the Philippines such as Global Music.

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