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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying A Musical Instrument |Part-2

Musical Instrument

To be continued…Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying A Musical Instrument |Part-1

Consider the Space Available

It sounds irrelevant but it is equally important to consider the practice space available to you. If you stay in a studio apartment and buy a big sized instrument, then it might be difficult for you to practice at home. Select the instrument carefully if you have limited space for storage and practice.

Consider your physical limitations, if any

If you have any physical limitations, be careful while buying your instrument. Get to know the instruments first. For example, if you can’t lift heavy objects, do not try to play upright bass. If your lung capacity is weak, forget playing the saxophone. However, you can surpass just about anything if practiced regularly.

Consider the time available for practice

All instruments require ample practice time to master the art of playing. If you have a time constraint, then look for simple rhythm guitar. If you want to learn music fast but have a very little time to invest in practicing, a simple rhythm instrument like djembe is a good choice.

Consider the kind of music you like

This is quite obvious to consider the kind of music you have been listening to and would want to play in the future as well. Some instruments seem fun to play but not soothing to your ears. For example, if you prefer listening to acoustic folk music, drums might not be the right choice for you.

Consider the noise of the instrument while playing

If you live with other people, very loud noises might be disturbing for them. You should be considerate and think about toning down the noise. For example, in the case of an electric instrument, you can wear headphones. If you live all alone in a secluded place, go ahead and get the noisiest instrument available.

Consider to borrow the instrument first

Spending money on any instrument can be a costly affair and a lifetime investment. You definitely are not looking to keep your instrument as a showpiece in your drawing room. You can ask your guitar playing friend to let you try the instrument overnight. It is a great way to know the instrument before investing in it.

After having considered the above-mentioned points carefully, you will certainly be prepared to buy your favourite instrument from a good online musical instruments store in the Philippines.

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