The Elements Of Music Explained

Musical Instruments

Music can be analysed by considering a variety of its elements, or parts (aspects, characteristics, features), individually or together. The elements of music may be compared to the elements of art or design. Let us discuss the essential elements of music in detail.


A beat is something that gives the music its rhythmic pattern, regular or irregular. They are grouped in a measure and the notes and rests correspond to a certain number of beats.


Meter refers to the rhythmic patterns produced by grouping together strong and weak beats. They may be in duple (two beats in a measure), triple (three beats in a measure), quadruple (four beats in a measure), and so on.


Dynamic refers to the volume of the performance. In written compositions, they are indicated by abbreviations or symbols like punctuation marks.


Harmony indicates the sound produced when two or more notes are played at the same time. They support the melody and provides texture.


Melody is the over catching tune created by playing a succession or series of notes. A composition may have a single or multiple melodies.


Pitch is the sound based on the frequency of vibration and size of the vibrating objects. The slower the vibration and the bigger the vibrating object, the lower the pitch will be and vice versa.


Rhythm is defined as the pattern or placement of sounds in time and beats in music. It is shaped by meter and has elements such as beat and tempo.


Tempo refers to the speed at which a piece of music is played. They are indicated by an Italian word at the beginning of a score, such as largo for slow or presto for very fast.


Texture refers to the number and types of layers used in a composition. They may be a single line, two or more lines or the main melody accompanied by chords.


Timbre is the quality of the sound that distinguishes one voice or instrument from another. They can range from dull to lush and from dark to bright.

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