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Trombone V/S Trumpet: What is the difference?

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Trombone and trumpet both belong to the brass family of instruments. They are often featured side by side in marching bands and other musical compositions, but they are quite different from each other actually. Here is a little piece of information about how are these two popular instruments different from each other.


This is the most striking feature that sets the two instruments apart through the naked eye. The trombone is bigger than a trumpet, In fact, the trumpet is the smallest instrument in the entire brass family. Since trombone is bulkier, therefore, it is difficult to play than the trumpet, especially for beginners and smaller children.

Slide and Valve

The function of slides and valves are different in changing the pitch in both the instruments. Valves are the spirit of a trumpet as it can increase or lower the pitch. In case of a trombone, the transition of slides in two pipes is to change the pitch. Besides, valves of the trumpet are manipulated by the use of three fingers on the right-hand side while the slide of the trombone is implemented by two hands combination.

Pitch and Clef

Another difference is the height of the pitch. The trombone is a low brass instrument and therefore the pitch is significantly lower than that of the trumpet. Also, the trombone is the only brass instrument that is noted in the bass clef.


Cleaning the trumpet is easier than the trombone. The valves should be regularly oiled and wiped down after every use in case of a trumpet. In case of a trombone, the slide and tuning slide should be oiled regularly.


Since the trumpet is more popular than a trombone, the demand for professional trombone players is higher in comparison from ska bands to professional marching bands. Therefore, most people encourage aspiring musicians to learn a trumpet more than a trombone because of the sheer amount of playing opportunities in the future.


The trumpet requires a more focused embouchure than the trombone. Trumpet embouchure requires greater balance and control when compared to the trombone. The fact remains that to some playing the trombone is more natural in their facial structure and breathing style, while some feel more comfortable playing the trumpet.

However, the choice remains yours. Both the instrument are good at its own place. Trombone and trumpet both are available at the most popular online musical instruments store of the Philippines, Global Music.

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