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It Is Time To Get Familiar And Cordial With A Snare Drum

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A snare drum or side drum belongs to percussion family of musical instruments. It is an important and the most recognizable part of the drum set or drum kit. It is generally played with a drumstick. The drummer hits the snare drum with a drumstick to produce the sound in an orchestra, parade, military band, concerts etc. In order to understand and get familiar with a snare drum, we need to discuss the relevant and interesting facts related to it. Let us get started.

  • It was originated in the 16th century in Basel, Switzerland from the Tabor.
  • Metal snares were originated in the 1900s.
  • It had a definite pitch before the nineteenth century and therefore it was avoided.
  • It is made of wood, metal, fiberglass, acrylic or composite.
  • Its different parts include a shell, rims, lugs, and tension rods, snare wires, strainer, snare beds, heads, muffling, and mounting.
  • There are different types of snare drums. They are Piccolo, Tarol, Tabor, Caixa Malacaheta, Drum kit, and Marching. Each of them is unique.
  • It is also referred to as ‘the side drum’ by the English and Scottish people.
  • Italians call it ‘Tamburo Picollo’ means little drum.
  • It has eight to eighteen snares made of silk, nylon, plastic or metal.
  • It is placed on an adjustable stand in height in order to play comfortably.
  • Mallets and sticks are used to play the snare drum. They are thin and tapering except for military bands. The sticks are thicker and heavy in the latter.
  • Other sticks include wire brushes in jazz, small mallets in timpani, hard felt mallets for course sound and marimba beaters for a darker sound.
  • It needs to be hit at the head, rim or shell to create a sound.
  • A standard snare drum has a diameter of 14 inches and a depth of six inches. Many other options are also available.
  • Today, the snare drum is widely used in pop, jazz, orchestra, and different modern music bands apart from traditional marching parades.

After knowing these facts, we are sure you would want to try out your hand at least once on a snare drum. It is an interesting one to play and stands out from the crowd. Check out Global Music, an online store offering various musical instruments for sale Philippines. The options are unlimited. Buy one of your choices and make your dream come true.

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