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Whether you are a beginner who wants to buy a new guitar, or you are a guitar lover on your way to buy your first guitar, you should know the difference between the types of guitars before you go to the store. There are two types of guitars- acoustic guitar and electric guitar. To know the difference read on.

The most elemental difference between acoustic and electric guitar is that the sound produced from acoustic guitar comes from the vibration of the strings whereas electrical guitar produces sound by converting the vibration of the strings into electrical signals.

If you are a beginner you might want to start with an acoustic guitar as they are lighter than an electric guitar. The reason is that acoustic guitar is simply made of wood consisting of a sound hole whereas electric guitar is made of one solid piece of wood with more metal components like the bridge, saddle, pickup, etc.

The make and model of both the guitars are a bit different too. In an acoustic guitar, the different shapes and sizes affect the sound of the instrument so there are only a few types of them. But electric guitars have the widest range of shapes and sizes. As the sound is produced electrically the shape of the guitar does not matter. Additionally, an electric guitar also have tone and volume controls rather than a sound hole.

The next difference is the sound. Although, both the guitars have steel strings, still there is a lot of difference between the sound produced by them. String action is a lot easier in electric guitar. The sound produced by it is lot more amplified without losing the tone. In an acoustic guitar, it needs special tools and a steady hand for string action. Also, the more the strings are brought nearer to the fretboard the more it loses its tone and volume. An acoustic guitar produces only one type of sound whereas electric guitars are more versatile.

The electric guitar is used in very different kinds of genres than acoustic guitars. Acoustic is more used in classical, folk, country, jazz, etc. Electric guitars are more popular in blues, soul, funk, rock, pop, and metal.

After you have selected the type of guitar you want, the next important thing to consider is the price. Electric guitars are definitely more costly than the acoustic guitar. If you are in a tight budget then you can always look online for musical instruments for sale in the Philippines.

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