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There is an infinite number of musical keyboards out there in the market to choose from. Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and features to meet the needs of both amateur and professional musicians. While buying a keyboard, you should be clear on how you are going to use it. Any musical instrument bought without a clear objective might not serve your purpose. Due to this, you might end up buying more keyboards than you need. Here are some useful recommendations for buying a keyboard.

  • Know the different types available: A large number of manufacturers such as Casio, Yamaha, Roland, Korg and so on are on the list. Among a large variety of options, each and every variety is unique and offer distinct features. Check out Global Musical Instruments, a musical keyboard supplier in the Philippines to buy one as per your need and choice.

  • Know how you intend to use it: If you are just learning to play, then go for a relatively inexpensive keyboard which is specifically designed for a novice while professional musicians should opt for one with a greater number of professional features.

  • Consider the number of keys on the keyboard: The keyboards can have keys ranging from 25 to 88. More keys refer to a greater instrument’s range. A 25 key keyboard has only a 2-octave range, a 49 key keyboard covers 4, a 61 key covers 5, a 76 covers 6 and an 88 key spans 7.

  • Look for ease of use: In addition to considering the number of keys, look how easy it is to play without giving you painful fingers. Also consider the pre-sets, sounds, LCD, and documentation before buying the keyboard.

  • Consider your present musical knowledge: Some keyboard for amateurs come with inbuilt instructions on how to use them. These built-in systems might include lessons on how to place fingers while playing or a number of pre-recorded tunes that can be played while highlighting the keys corresponding to the notes of the song.

  • Evaluate the sound capability: There are two types of two sound capabilities- polyphony and multi-timbrality. Polyphony is a measure of how many notes that keyboard can play at a time and multi-timbrality measures different kinds of sounds the instrument can play at once.

So which keyboard will you buy now? Pick up the one keeping the above points into consideration.

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