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Some Useful Tips to Buy a Violin for the first time

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So, you have decided to learn a violin and all set to take the next step to own one for yourself. Today we will throw some light on buying a violin for the first time. Buying a violin for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. To make this challenge an easier task, we have decided to provide you with some useful tips to buy your violin for the first time. Let us get started.

Brand New or Used One :

Buying a used instrument may involve certain risks such as scratches, dents, tape marks, used strings, etc. It is always a good idea to buy a brand new one to start fresh. You can select an economically priced instrument or discounted prices online to avoid spending much in the beginning. Visit Global Music site.

Quality and Workmanship:

Look for violins made from good quality woods such as maple, spruce, willow and so on. Do not underestimate the quality of woods used in strings that is responsible for generating a good quality sound when combined together. It sounds like an important consideration. Isn’t it?

Select the Right Size:

Selecting the right size is very important as it differs in the case of adults and children. Playing on a wrong size may lead to serious injuries in the arm, neck or the back. To pick up the right size, check your age, body structure, hand size and overall physical strength.

Price Range:

Go with a beginner’s violin as it is priced less. It makes sense not to spend a lot on a professional violin at a stage when you are still learning. So go with an economically priced violin initially and with time switch over to a professional one. Check out musical instruments for sale on our website.

Select the Right Strings and Accessories:

Synthetic or perlon strings are the best options to achieve a good sound. In addition, do not forget to choose a bow preferably made of carbon fiber or carbon composite and rosin to get the sound. Last but not the least, a good case to protect the violin and make it easy to carry wherever required.

The above-mentioned points will definitely help you to select the right violin as per your need. Happy Violin Hunting!




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