Keyboard V/S Synthesizer. Know The Difference!

 A keyboard and a synthesizer look very similar to a beginner at a first glance. Many of us get confused in between the two and end up concluding that both are the same. However, the fact is that these are two different musical instruments altogether. Let us see how?


A keyboard is a musical instrument that plays the sound and looks quite similar to a piano. It is designed for people who want to play with a large number of sounds. Typically it contains piano-like black and white keys. Generally, keyboards come with inbuilt synthesizers to play the sound that is been created beforehand. There are keyboards that come without a synthesizer wherein the sounds won’t be produced unless you plug the keyboard into one. Most keyboards have built-in speakers, automated accompaniments, such as rhythms or styles as well. Therefore, you don’t have to buy anything else to start playing it right away. They usually cost less than synthesizer.


 A synthesizer is a professional musical instrument that is designed to be used in a studio or on stage. It is a device that helps in generating sound. It is a unique instrument that retains the ability to generate sounds that cannot be produced in other ways. They are available in different shapes and sizes. The quality of sound is better in comparison to a keyboard’s sound. Also, you can adjust and tweak the sounds with great precision any way you like. It is divided into two general groups- creative and imitator. It contains a multitude of buttons, rotary knobs, sliders, and faders. Imitator synthesizers look different than creative synthesizers. Also, the controls are more concealed and the menu structure is visible via an LCD Display in case of the latter. No built-in speakers or automated accompaniments are not there in a synth. Synthesizers are more expensive than a keyboard.

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