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We differentiated in between a musical keyboard and a synthesizer in the blog mentioned below. Keyboard V/S Synthesizer. Know The Difference!

This blog will focus on the key differences between a keyboard and a piano. However, a keyboard and a piano looks similar and somewhat make similar sounds, but actually, they are quite different from each other. Let us see how?


The keyboard is often referred to as a digital piano, which is a modern version of the pipe organ. A keyboard is an electric instrument (require a power source) with unweighted(lighter) keys. A typical keyboard has 61 or 76 keys, however, larger keyboards are available. A keyboard allows you to change the sounds that can add a great variety to the practice. You can also play along with backing tracks. It is good for encouraging very precise playing as well as it is good for developing an ability to play precisely in time. A keyboard is comparatively economical. It is portable and does not take up much space. It does not require to be tuned. A keyboard is versatile in terms of playing a variety of musical styles such as modern music.


The history of the piano is a long one, dated back more than three hundred years ago. Bartolomeo Cristofori is an Italian harpsichord maker produced a new mechanism that broadened the range of the instrument. A piano is an acoustic instrument with weighted keys, that is considered to be a popular but complex instrument. It has 88 keys. Weighted keys are good for building up finger strength which enhances the playing technique. A piano requires to be tuned regularly that can be expensive. It is comparatively difficult to move a piano from room to room or location to location. Piano playing is more restricted to traditional styles such as jazz, classical or the blues.

Overall, it comes down to personal choice whether you want to be a pianist or master your fingers in a keyboard. Both musical pieces are harder to play and more satisfying. You will require a lot of practice to master the art of playing both. Both the instruments are available with Global Music online music store, a renowned musical instrument supplier in the Philippines. Now you know the difference in between the two and therefore it will be easier for you to select one of your choices.

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