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Some Useful Tips On Buying A Trumpet For A Beginner


We gave you some tips on buying a guitar online for the first time in the previous month’s blog here.

Today we will focus on how to select a trumpet for a first-time buyer. Let us get started.

The trumpet is a wonderful wind instrument with a clear sound and minimal mechanical parts compared to most other musical instruments. Many beginners are choosing it as a hobby as it is a great instrument to learn. Therefore, it is important to choose one which best suits your personal preferences when buying one for the first time.

Decide on your budget

At the learning stage, it is possible to get an inexpensive entry-level trumpet from various online music stores. Global Musical Instruments offers a good entry-level trumpet for sale. Check it out at their site.

Learn to select the best one for your budget

There is a huge difference between a beginner, intermediate and professional level trumpets. Professional trumpets are often built with higher tolerances in mind hence the higher price tag. Several beginner trumpets also have a two-piece bell rather than a one piece which may affect sound quality and intonation.

Check the slides and valves

Make sure that all the valves of the trumpet move freely. These parts tend to have a looser tolerance in beginner trumpets compared to intermediate and professional ones. Push the valves down quickly and check if they spring back up as quickly and easily.

Check the horn’s compression

After checking the slides and valves properly, listen for a pronounced pop. The absence of it indicates an air leak which doesn’t make it a suitable purchase.

Check the warranty and return policy

Ask the seller about their warranty period and return policies before purchasing to avoid any discrepancies in the future. Make sure the terms are spelled out correctly and include a timeframe for return or exchange.

Check for leaks, dents or corrosion

Ask for clearer pictures when buying online to see if there’s any hidden defects like dents or corrosion. Pink or red spots on the horn indicates internal corrosion so be wary of such indicators. Make sure that the trumpet is scratch and leak free before buying.

Select the right mouthpiece

The recommended choice for a beginner is a C-cup mouthpiece. As you progress, you can also move up to a 5C or 1C mouthpiece.

Check the feel of the instrument

If possible, ask to personally check the instrument in your hands and check its weight and handling. Choose one you’ll be comfortable playing with for a long time.

So, start exploring the trumpets and buy one for yourself keeping above points into consideration.

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