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Cello v/s Violin: What Is The Difference?

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The cello and violin both belong to the string family of musical instruments. Both the instruments are equally popular and add on to the makeup of any orchestra. Both the instruments are beautiful in their ways but different from each other. If you are in fix and cannot decide which one to choose, then give it a good read.


The violin is the highest-pitched string instrument that is held on the left shoulder, pointing to the left. A cello is played with the cellist being seated on a chair with the cello body between the knees.


A cello is the second-largest member of the string family while a violin is the smallest one.


A standard violin weighs about the same as an iPad Air and therefore weighs very light. While a standard cello weighs over 5 lbs which is much heavier than the violin.

Strings And Range

The strings of a cello are longer than that of a violin and therefore the strings are thicker in diameter. This makes the strings naturally lower in frequency when plucked. On the other hand, violin strings are shorter and thinner and are strung up under more tension. When you put a string under tension it produces a higher pitch. Increase the tension and you increase the pitch.

String Tunings

Cello strings are tuned to A, D, G, and C from thickest to thinnest. The violin is tuned to G, D, A, and E. The G String on cello is a full octave lower than that of a violin.

Type Of Music

A violin is played more in eastern music while a cello is restricted to western and classical music.


The sound of the violin is much higher while the cello has a much deeper and rich sound. The cello music is written and read in bass clef.


A violin is more economical to buy than a cello. Therefore, a violin is preferred by many beginners.


Both violin and cello are popular instruments, however, the violin tends to be the most recognizable string instrument and exists for more than 400 years.

Difficulty Level

Both the instruments are difficult to learn and take a lot of time to master the art of playing. It is often quicker and more natural to learn to play the cello as the playing and hand position is more natural than the violin.

To sum up, these are the key differences between the two. Visit Global Music to buy the best quality musical instruments online.

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