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How To Select The Right Violin Shoulder Rest?

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We have spoken enough about different musical instruments available in the online music store in the Philippines. Today, we will discuss the Violin shoulder rests. Shoulder rests are relatively a newer thing and came into the limelight in the 20th century. Since then it has become popular and most violinists prefer using one such as David Garett. However, using a shoulder rest is not obligatory and completely upon one’s personal preferences. There are many who do not use it such as Itzhak Perlman. But it is obvious that at some point in time while learning or performing the violin, you might feel a need to use a shoulder rest. Consider the below-mentioned point while selecting the right shoulder rest for yourself to give extra support and comfort.

Size and shape

Be careful in selecting the shape and size of the shoulder rest that will help you to hold the violin correctly under the chin and provide the extra comfort while playing as well. Do take your body into consideration as your shoulder breadth and neck height are crucial in selecting one. However, most shoulder rests are adjustable.


If you have a longer neck, you will need something a bit taller while in case of shorter neck, a thin pad will suffice. Finding the right height is very important for the player to reduce tension caused by lifting of the shoulder, or craning of the neck. Do consider its placement and always go for an adjustable one.

Sound Change

This is a continuous argument between the players and shoulder rest designers. Some feel that sponge and cloth shoulder rests are pressed directly on to the back of the instrument causing a muting sound. Bar style rests have fewer touch points and therefore does not affect the tone of the instrument much. Wooden models are another option to try on.

Do experiment

If you do not want to invest money on the same, do not shy away to experiment with a couple of other options to choose from to feel the comfort. Some recommended option includes folded tea towel or any piece of cloth that is secured by an elastic band on to your violin. The sponge is another cost-effective, adjustable alternative for a shoulder rest.

There is a wide range of options available in the market. Check the best quality shoulder rests at our online music instruments store in the Philippines. Our shoulder rests are extremely comfortable and easy to use for all the violinists.

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