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Top 7 Tips For Choosing A Keyboard For Beginners

It is an absolute bliss to know how to play a musical instrument. Many studies have shown that playing a musical instrument helps in developing self-confidence and is physically as well as mentally beneficial. But in this blog, we will know about how to buy a keyboard for a beginner and understand what exactly to look for. This beginner’s guide will help you figure out which keyboard is perfect for you to start with.

Keyboard Size

The keyboard comes in many sizes. Typically, a standard keyboard has 88 keys which are perfect for adults. But for a beginner, it is recommended to buy a smaller and simpler one instead of buying a keyboard with different features and huge size, so that you can learn the basics first.

Adjustable Stand

Before purchasing any keyboard, ensure that it comes with an adjustable stand so that you can play it comfortably.


While purchasing a keyboard, it is the most important thing to consider. Look for a keyboard, which can produce a different range of sounds.

Computer Connectivity

If you are planning to produce and compose your song, look for keyboards that come with computer connectivity which will help in the future.

Recording Compatibility

This feature allows you to record and play the audio later in various ways. Therefore, while buying the musical instrument look for this feature so that you do not have to update it in the future.

MIDI Compatibility

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a portal that allows you to send and receive messages between the musical instrument and computer. Though for a beginner it is not mandatory to have this feature, but if you are planning to have a music career, then choose the keyboard with MIDI compatibility.


This is another important factor to consider while buying a keyboard. Many keyboards come with storage feature which allows you to transfer the data to your computer. This is also not strictly necessary for a beginner but it can be helpful in the future.

The bottom line is while looking for the keyboard which suits you the best, keep in mind the above-mentioned points. To buy your first keyboard online, you can visit our website. Global Music is an online musical keyboard supplier in the Philippines, providing the best quality musical instruments. Choose the one that is right for you and start practicing.

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