Why Learning To Play The Saxophone Is A Cool Idea?

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The saxophone remains one of the top instruments for musicians who are cool, interesting, fun and somewhat different from the other musicians. You will often see it in a marching band, jazz, contemporary, classical, blues, pop, rock, soul ensemble or symphony because of the cool and sultry image associated with it. We are about to give you enough reasons to start playing as follows:

It Is Versatile

The saxophone is the most versatile instrument as it produces vocal-like sounds, as though someone is singing. The fact is that the saxophone can be included in anything and it will just sound great.

It Is Great For Expressing Creativity

The saxophone is not restricted to a particular genre nut many genres as mentioned above. Although playing any musical instrument allows you to express your creativity, but the saxophone is the best due to its wide range of dynamics and flexible sound that allows you to convey many emotions and styles.

It Helps Academically

Playing the sax can help to improve your academic abilities in areas including literacy and maths. It improves aural skills and the ability to distinguish different sounds that aid in the development of knowledge. It also improves abstract reasoning skills which are an essential skill for maths and science.

It Improves Memory

Playing the sax takes a lot of brainpower, muscle memory, and neurological control. It is a workout for the brain and a fitter brain means good memory.

It Is Relaxing

The sound of the saxophone is smooth, sensual and is quite relaxing to play as well as hear. Making music is great for improving mood or being used as personal therapy and it is a great way to get centered, relax and destress.

It Is Easy To Play

The saxophone is not as complicated as it looks to play because it was introduced much later compared to other instruments like the violin. It is a newer instrument when compared to others in the orchestra and has a fingering system that is relatively easier to understand.

There Is A Saxophone For Everyone

There are nine different types of saxophone and the most popular ones are Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone saxes. Soprano is the smallest and highest in pitch, and the Baritone being the biggest and lowest in the pitch, this means that there is a saxophone for everyone.

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