Meet The Different Kinds of Musicians And Identify Which One Is You.

Let us introduce you to the different kinds of musicians. Learn to differentiate between them and find out which musician are you.


These musicians decide what instrument plays what in an orchestra. They arrange or compose music for an orchestra.


They write the music from the fundamental ideas of harmony, melody, rhythm, and expression. They do it with a pen or paper, or a computer, and are mostly behind the scenes.


They lead orchestras, chambers, choirs, concert bands, etc. Generally, big bands are led by conductors and sometimes they act as a composer. These people keep time, help expression, schedule rehearsals, plan concert season, hear auditions, and select members of a band.


A player can be a singer or an instrumentalist. A singer is someone who sings the song by using his/her voice as an instrument. An instrumentalist is someone who plays a musical instrument. We will focus on the basic instrumentalists at the moment as there are many.

Amateur: These people play for fun and as a hobby. They do not expect to earn money out of it. They just play for its own sake and they might be amazing or awful at playing. Do not expect much from them as most of them are a novice.

Professional: They are trained ones who play to earn their livelihood and, therefore, professional musicians. They are mostly good players to strive in this competitive market. Furthermore, professional musicians can be divided into several subcategories. Let us consider the most basic ones.

Classical Musicians: Classical musicians are the ones who have studied classical music and play the instruments to a very high standard. They are well trained and mature players who can read music very well. They are technically sound with respect to the instrument that they specialize in.

Jazz Musicians: Jazz musicians are quite different from classical musicians as they have their own genre. They are not very good with sheets but have a better understanding of harmony, chord structure etc. They are also termed as modern musicians.

Contemporary Musicians: Pop, rock, blues etc all fall under this category. These are modern players who are pretty good with whatever they play. Some popular ones are Sandara Park, Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, Amapola, actually, the list is endless.

We are sure it is easier for you to find out exactly which one is you. Once you have identified yourself, you can buy a musical instrument for sale from Global Music.

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