Did You Just Buy Your First Guitar From An Online Music Store In The Phillipines? What next?

Congratulations on your new guitar from Global Music, an online music store in the Philippines. Are you excited? I m sure you are as you are about to start your musical journey. This journey is going to be a beautiful and enjoyable one.

You are about to use it for the first time, therefore, let us get started the right way.

Peel off the Pickguard Film:

There is a thin piece of plastic on the pickguard when you will open the guitar. Carefully remove it once you are ready to play.

Add an amplifier:

In case of new electric guitars, an amplifier is needed. Choose an amplifier according to your requirement, whether you need it to play in a room or in a band. Select accordingly and do consider your convenience. For example, if you need a portable one, then a mini amp will be the best option. Also, check out different amps and select the best one for your guitar.

Familiarise yourself with straps, the picks, and the strings:

You will need the right pick and learn the correct way to hold it. Prepare yourself with the extra set of right strings as it has a tendency to break. As you are a new player, lighter gauge strings with perfect size will be an ideal one for you. Pick up a comfortable strap in case you play while standing.

Consider batteries:

All guitars have active electronics and come with 9-volt batteries. But there is no harm in picking up an extra so your practice time won’t be interrupted in case of power outage.

Install straplock:

It is inexpensive and easy to install. Install straplock to prevent your instrument from falling down while playing.

Do a proper set up:

Spend some time with your new guitar and learn to set it up as your preferences. Learn about string gauge, whammy bar, pickup height, truss rod adjustment, and related kinds of stuff. Set it up as per your convenience.

Keep your guitar clean:

Learn to keep your guitar clean to make it last longer and look mint. Always keep a clean cloth nearby and clean it after using it every time. Make it look unique so that people will remember you for long.

So, are you set to tune it up? Get to playing and start your musical journey.

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