How Can You Start Appreciating And Enjoying Jazz Music?

The word ‘Jazz’ is familiar but not many prefer listening to it. The exact reason behind the same lies in the fact that not many people know much about it. Let’s understand first what exactly jazz is. Jazz is an American form of music since the late nineteenth century and is different from other kinds of music. It has a unique swing, blue notes, polyrhythms, improvisation, call, response vocals etc. Jazz continues to contribute significantly to contemporary music. According to scientific studies, it has been observed that jazz music has most significant effects on mood, activity and energy levels of all music genres such as rock, hip-hop, latin, rap, bluegrass and so on.

You need to listen to jazz often to understand the depth and meaning of it. Some popular jazz hits are ‘Round Midnight’, ‘So what’, ‘Sing, sing, sing’, and ‘Take Five’. So all new Jazz musicians who want to try out their hands into jazz music. Follow these steps and slowly you will develop a taste and liking for the not so liked form of music. You will definitely start to enjoy and appreciate jazz and feel proud to be a jazz musician.

    • Pick out an original melody to start playing with that you are already familiar with. Play it again and again to feel the harmony and meaning of the composition.

    • The main feature of jazz music lies in its changing rhythms. The offbeat rhythms sync up with the main beat later if you listen to it carefully.

    • Understand the three main improvisations being used while playing a jazz music. They are paraphrased, motivic, and formulaic improve.

    • The coordination among the different players makes jazz more enjoyable. You may not like the tune but the interaction between different players creates a balance and sounds soothing to the listener.

Start enjoying jazz by listening to it more. Feel the music and then you will definitely discover an interest in the same. Participate more in jazz festivals and get emotionally involved while performing. Close your eyes and feel the atmosphere, colors, thoughts evoked by the music. Continue to learn about jazz to appreciate it. If required, enroll in a jazz class to understand its history. Search for a good guitar supplier in the Philippines to kick-start the journey of jazz music.

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