Which Are The Most Difficult Musical Instruments To Learn For A Beginner?

We discussed the easiest instrument to learn for a beginner in the previous months’ blog: Which Are The Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn For a Beginner?

On the contrary, we are about to discuss the most difficult ones, to begin with. Let us get started.

The Violin

The violin, popularly known as a fiddle, tops this list as it is technically the most difficult instrument to play. It was derived from the Medieval Latin word vitula meaning stringed instrument. Although it is one of the smallest musical string instrument and it needs to be held in the right position keeping the right posture. It also requires full concentration and you need to be very precise while playing it. It is played in a variety of music such as folk, soft rock, jazz, classical, rock and roll. You need to practice it daily to master this sophisticated musical instrument.

The French Horn

The French Horn is a descendant of the natural horn originated in Germany. The French horn is a popular and extremely beautiful brass instrument with flared bells. The mouthpiece and the long tube are the cynosures of the French horn. Your lips have to be placed perfectly and you need to breathe really hard into the long tube to play it perfectly. It is the longest instrument and heavy to hold. Your hands need to encircle this instrument in order to play well.

The Oboe

The oboe originated in the 17th century and developed from its predecessor, the shawm. It belongs to the double reed woodwind instrument and popularly described as ‘bright’. It is a 65 cm long wooden tube with a flared bell, a conical bore and metal keys. It produces a very sharp and clear voice. It is quite tricky to learn as it needs a skillful on the embouchure to get the desired tone. It is mostly used in orchestras, film music, concert bands, chamber music and also heard in jazz, rock and pop music.

The Organ

The Organ was played during the events like games and races all through the Roman and Greek world. It was also seen playing in Western Europe in the medieval period. It is one of the important musical instruments with various keyboards. It can be played using hands or feet and its best feature is its ability to produce the slightest of sound to a powerful one. Your fingers need to be on hold otherwise it will stop playing instantly.

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