Which Are The Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn For a Beginner?

Learning to play any musical instrument is not an easy task. It requires a lot of understanding, effort, time, patience, commitment and practice. However, for a beginner, whether a child or an adult, there are certain musical instruments recommended learning to begin with.

Lets us introduce you to the easiest musical instruments that you can choose from.

The Ukulele


The Ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn. It is inexpensive and super fun to play. Its size is ideal for both adults and children. It has only four nylon strings which are easier to press down and obtain a satisfying tone. Pick up a few simple chords and you will be able to play some of your favourite songs in just a few weeks. Once you know to play the ukulele, you can easily pick up the guitar as it is considered as an advanced version of the ukulele.

The Piano Keyboard

The piano keyboard may seem complicated but it is actually one of the easiest instruments to learn for adults. You just require a bit of patience, a good piano teacher and you can make your way through some popular tunes in no time. The notes, here, are laid out in front of you, therefore it is easier to understand than many other instruments.

The Harmonica

The harmonica or ‘blues harp’ is potable, easy and fun to play. It is easier to pick up and create own tones. You just need a good lesson and a regular practice. It is popularly played in jazz, blues, rock, folk or country music.

The Percussion Drums

It is not very easy to play but neither difficult too. Most importantly its fun and satisfying to learn. It’s a perfect instrument to try hands on if you are jamming with your music band. Since it is very physical, it’s a fantastic way to release stress for many.

The Bass

Well, it’s not easy to become a great bass player but it is very satisfying to play with others. It is definitely less intimidating than the guitar for many beginners. It is comparatively easier to follow the bass line around in any song as there is only one.

So, all the aspiring musicians out there, try your hands on these, to begin with, and slowly graduate to the harder ones. Buy the best instruments from Global Music, an online music store in the Philippines. Happy Learning!


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