Kamusta Filipinos! Let us Welcome 2019 In A Traditional way


Filipinos do not remain behind than the others when it comes to New Year celebrations. But the traditional way of welcoming the New Year remains our favourite. How about celebrating it this way again? Sounds exciting, right? Join with Us!

Media Noche

comMediaNoche is a New Year traditional dinner spread at midnight to greet the new year ahead along with family and friends. This special meal symbolizes good health, luck, and prosperity for the New Year. It comprises 12 different round fruits, Pancit or Filipinos long noodles(staple food) of the Filipinos, sticky rice delicacies such as Biko and Puto, and the ubiquitous Lechon or whole roast pig. The 12 fruits are used to attract luck for the coming 12 months, the pancit is for long life, and the sticky rice for a strong family bond. As for the lechon, its just everybody’s favorite!

Jumping at the stroke of midnight

Filipinos are little superstitious and this is the perfect example of the same. Jumping as high as one could at the stroke of midnight to grow taller is encouraged to bring good luck. Both kids and adults jump along and have fun together.

Making noises at midnight

Undoubtedly, fireworks are common to welcome the new year all around the world buy Filipinos have a different logic behind the same. It is believed that making loud sounds and noises to greet the new year will drive away evil spirits that bring bad luck. They play loud music, light or watch fireworks and firecrackers.

Throwing of coins around the house

This sounds the funniest of all. On new years’ eve, elders ask children to throw coins around the house and then collect them immediately. They say that throwing coins around brings prosperity and children can make good profits by scrambling for the scattered coins.

These unfamiliar, weird but interesting and unique practices of Filipinos for New Year celebrations is an experience of a lifetime. Global Music, a renowned musical instrument supplier in the Philippines is going to celebrate it this way. Are You?

Happy New Year!

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