Acoustic Guitars: The Most Common Types and Different Styles.

Guitars are trendy and stylish and are available in two different kinds – acoustic and electric. In this blog, we will focus on acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars need no introduction. Acoustic guitars come in a range of options to choose from. It is important to understand the different types before heading to shop for an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar is one that produces sound acoustically through the vibration in its body. Let’s discuss its different types and styles in detail.

Acoustic guitars are either nylon-stringed, steel string or lap steel guitar. Nylon stringed guitars are mainly used for classical and traditional music such as jazz. This type has a wider neck and played using fingerpicking rather than strumming. On the other hand, steel string guitars are used for western, rock, folk, blues and country. Steel string guitars are played through strumming.

Do not be amused. Yes, guitars too have different styles and body shapes ranging from smallest to largest. We are about to discuss the most common ones here.

Range: This is the smallest type of guitar with a small body and scale length often referred to as mini-jumbo. This is a perfect one for those who prefer a small size guitar and find it difficult to play a large one.

Parlor: Parlors are also small bodies guitars that are comfortable to play. This type is gaining popularity with folk musicians.

Grand Concert: This type is a mid-sized guitar that produces a better-balanced tone with less bass and more midrange.

Grand Auditorium: Auditorium and grand auditorium styles have less bass and better defined mid range than concerts.

Dreadnought: This style was designed by Martin Guitars. It has been used for more than 100 years and to date, it is the most popular one. This guitar produces a clear, picture, sound with strong bass, wide range and good projection.

Jumbo: This is the largest of all types commonly referred to as cowboy guitars. Gibbon introduced the same in 1937. It is more rounded at the bottom and shoulders. If you are a loud player, this one is the best for you. It looks good. Do check out Bob Dylon playing a Jumbo and creating magic.

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