A Checklist Of Things Every Bassist Needs To Know

A bassist as we all know is a bass player who plays a bass instrument, double bass or low bass. Some examples of double bass include upright bass, contrabass, wood bass, bass guitar, keyboard bass, synth bass, etc. Low brass instruments include a tuba or sousaphone. Different musical genres have used both double bass and low bass instruments for creating compositions in classical, pop, jazz, rock and roll, heavy metal and so on. Any musical band remains incomplete without a bass player. Everyone in the band group depends on the bassist’s creation.

A bassist or bass player is also commonly referred to as a ‘bass guitarist’. Every bassist needs a gigging bag with some essential things to carry in it. The following essential things will certainly save lots of grief and of course the gig. Let’s prepare a checklist of things that every bassist should own to make him a desirable one, suggested by one of the top guitar supplier  in the Philippines.


Firstly, get a gigging bag with multiple compartments so many items can be accommodated ad can be easily found when needed. A long cable for a bigger stage and short instrument cable for using pedals or tuners for the amp. Other essential items include power strips, plug adaptors, plug extension leads, picks, capos, earplugs and the most forgettable item your business cards.


Always keep the following spares handy including spare strings, spare leads, pad and pen, spare guitar strap, spare tubes, spare patch tables, spare pedals, spare drum kins, spare drum sticks, spare clothes, spare batteries, spare mic, and a few picks.


Repairing tools are important to fix the broken things while on the go and therefore keep the following pieces of stuff handy. A screwdriver, string winder, string cutter, pliers, cleaning spray, damper pads, colored electrical tape, blu tack, gaffer, and duct tape if the stuff gets broken on the road.


You always need some miscellaneous things that come handy. Prepare a setlist in a paper and keep it with you. The other items include medicine pack including band-aid, hand sanitizer, Neosporin, paracetamol, cash, copies of your release, banners or promo materials, water bottle, tea bags, coffee, some quick snacks, cough drops, toiletries, venue’s contact details and of course the directions.

Once you have all the items, organize it in an easily accessible manner. Shop for the items listed above with Global Music, the most popular online music instrument store in the Philippines.

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