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Musical Instruments You Can Learn To Play This Summer (Part 2)

Here we continue the list of musical instruments that you can learn to play this summer, recommended by the most popular online musical instrument supplier in the Philippines.

• Piano


Piano is one of the most popular and wonderful instruments preferred by many aspiring and professional musicians. The piano is comparatively easier to learn and easily available to buy. Check with Global Music, the most popular online music instrument store in the Philippines. They have a collection of pianos for almost every genre.

• Ukulele


The ukulele is the most satisfying instrument, it comes in all sizes small to big, pick a smaller one, to begin with. It is a perfect companion of every musician as it is easier to carry and its cheerful Hawaiian sound never fails to create a true holiday atmosphere.

• Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Well, the snare drum is the easiest one to start within a drum set. Most often seen in orchestras and marching bands. Select lighter sticks and go slow. Playing snare drums will certainly give you a new and unique experience.

• Recorder


A recorder is an unusual and less popular woodwind instrument that is easier to play than a flute or clarinet. It has a whistle mouthpiece along with seven finger holes and a hole in the back for the thumb. Try it out.

• Trombone


A trombone produces a soothing sound as it plays wonderfully. It is one of the most versatile and flexible musical instrument that belongs to the brass family of music. It holds a strong significance in jazz music. However is it comparatively difficult to learn but after you have mastered the art of playing, it seems very easy.

• Banjo

Banjo is loved by all age groups it looks good, sounds good and gives a new experience altogether while playing. It is the best instrument for a guitarist who wants to try something new.

Turn to Global Music, the best online music store in the Philippines. Buy one for yourself and make the most of your summer vacation.

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