Filipino Musicians That You Should Start Listening To |Part-2

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The list of famous Filipino artists continues.

Refer for Part 1: Filipino Musicians That You Should Start Listening To |Part-1

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga is multiple awards winning actress and singer of the Philippines known for her powerful voice and perfect pitch. She is best known for her Tony Award-winning role in Miss Saigon as well as the International success of Les Miserables. She is one of the top names in classical music and musical theatre. She also joined the Disney Family to lend her voice to princesses Mulan and Jasmine. She is the most known household name in the Philippines, today.

Bullet Dumas

Bullet Dumas is a math teacher who is turned a performer and famous for his intense and mad guitar skills. A contemporary folk flair sets him distinctively apart from the rest for his unique and jovial style of performing. The audience loves the representation of the Filipino roots that are ever-present in his style and songs. Do not be surprised to get a good laugh while watching him alive.

The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective is a famous Indie Folk Band known for its spirited music that makes for perfect adventure tunes. They quickly became a millennial favorite with their spirited music that makes for perfect adventure tunes. The band includes six members that came together in 2013 and share the musical style similar to that of Lumineers and Mumford and Sons.

Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is an icon in the Filipino music realm as their music is proven to be timeless and relevant. This band of four musicians has won several awards. Their music is advanced and ahead of its time and therefore many people have learned to recognize and appreciate their multifaceted style, poetry, and artistic language.

Francis Magalona

Late Francis Magalona was dubbed the ‘King of Filipino Rap Music’ and pioneered the rap genre in the country. He also wrote songs on nationalism and societal issues actively. His work left a mark on the industry and is still celebrated by Filipino musicians today.

Listen to them till we reveal more artists in the next month’s blog. Of course, do not forget to check your desired musical instruments online at Global Music.

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