Make Your Guitarist Friend Happy With These Clever Gifts |Part-1

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Are you thinking about what to buy for your guitarist friend on his special day? Well, we are about to give you some clever ideas that will leave him speechless and astonished.

Studio Headphones

A Professional grade headphone is an excellent option and an essential piece of studio equipment, especially for home studios that can be replaced with monitor speakers. They make a very thoughtful gift and quality headphones will allow him to practice and play electric guitar silently anytime without annoying others.

Smartphone Holder

A guitar smartphone holder comes handy while playing the guitar. You can easily use the apps over the phone and you can see the tabs easily for songs. The holder is at the right place where you can easily see the screen and play the guitar with full focus.

Self-closing Wall Hanger

A self-closing guitar wall hanger is the perfect gift if your friend doesn’t have a good space to store the guitar. It keeps the guitar up and out of the way on the wall. Therefore, it serves a dual purpose, a decorative piece that can come down and be played at any time.

Professional Seat

Does your friend practice the guitar while sitting on a kitchen stool or folding chair. A professional guitar seat is a must-have for him. It is comfortable as it provides a little height and a place to rest the leg.

Guitar Pop Chart

A guitar pop chart is nothing but a list that has many different styles and types of guitar. It is a ‘Visual Compendium of Guitars’ that serves as a decorative piece and looks great on the wall. This will also help you to learn about different guitars or just refresh the memory if your friend is already a guitar aficionado.

Slide Ring

A slide ring is very unlike a traditional slide that covers the entire finger. On the other hand, a slide ring keeps both the options open. For example, use the finger when it is time to play a chord and use the ring when it is time to slide.

Shredder Cheese Grater

A guitar-shaped shredder cheese grater can take food preparation to a new level of awesomeness. Put your best air guitar skills to good use to get a pile of tasty shredded cheese for his macaroni.

Many more awesome gifts will be disclosed in the next month’s blog. Till then check the best musical instruments accessories online at Global Music, an online music store in the Philippines.

To be Continued…..

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