Classical and Electric Guitar: A Difference Explained!

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The most common question for people looking to pick up the guitar is which one to buy among the three main types of guitars i.e. classical, acoustic and electric guitar. These three different types of guitars offer different benefits, each type plays and sounds different and each comes at a different price. It all comes down to what you would like to accomplish with the instrument and your personal preference for a genre of music, sound, feel and of course the price of the instrument. This blog will focus on the main differences between a classical and electric guitar.

Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is an old instrument since the 16th century. Although, there are modern classic guitars available today quite different from the early models the core of the instrument remains the same. Classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar with a resonator box, wide neck, and nylon strings. It has an organic and balanced tone that suits various genres of traditional and classical music. Classic guitarists prefer to use their fingers to pluck the string and generally avoid picks. You will commonly see them playing in classical music, flamenco, Blues and several Filipino and Spanish styles. The classic guitar comes in a single default shape and priced economical as compared to an electric guitar.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are modern-day guitars that were invented in the early 1910s which is one of the more recent evolutions in the field of musical instruments. It is an incredible instrument and it uses steel strings. Steel-string electric guitars tend to have a smaller impact on the overall sound of the instrument because the sound of an electric guitar can be affected by other factors such as the type of amp, amp settings, guitar pedals, settings of the knobs, switches on the guitar, etc. These guitars are fitted with magnetic pickups that sit under the steel strings. Electric guitars fit into different genres of music such as Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock, Country and even Metal. In short, it is more versatile than classical and acoustic guitars. Electric guitars come in different shapes and Doraemon shaped electric guitar is the most interesting shape that has been seen so far. An electric guitar is the most expensive one.

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