How To Sanitize A Guitar And Its Strings During Covid-19?

In this crucial time of fast-spreading disease, Corona Virus, sanitization is of utmost importance. At this risky moment of the outburst of Covid-19, the need for sanitization has doubled not only for hands but everything around us. Sanitizers are running out of stores already as it is in huge demand as it is considered one of the most effective ways to disinfect hands. If washed properly for at least 20 seconds. Is only hand washing enough? Well, no. A guitarist also needs to pay extra attention to its guitar before playing it, even when you are practicing at home. You do not know who has touched the strings before social distancing or what you might be bringing in from the grocery store. Let us get started to learn to disinfect the guitar at home, as suggested by the most popular guitar supplier in the Philippines.

Wash Your Hands With Soap And Water

The most obvious thing is to wash the hands properly for 20 seconds using soap and water. Washing hands with soap and water are the most effective way to kill the virus easily.

Accumulate The Cleaning Materials

Gather the cleaning materials such as soap, water, isopropyl alcohol or simply alcohol, white distilled vinegar, a soft clean cloth, glass cleaner, guitar polish that contains pure carnauba wax and a soft cleaning brush.

Remove The Strings

Remove the strings of the guitar before beginning the cleaning process. This process will make it easier to clean the fretboard and also strings should not come in direct contact with oils, polishes or damp clothes that will be used for cleaning.

The Cleaning Process

Start the cleaning with the fretboard, fingerboard using a damp cloth wit with water or distilled vinegar by wiping it very gently. If you have a fret cleaning kit, make use of it gently. Move to the guitar body and clean the front, back and sides using the same damp cloth. For difficult spots, use the soft brush to disinfect. Wipe down the tuning keys using a dry cloth with alcohol-based cleaner and polish to bring back the shine. Polish the pickups as well. Make use of isopropyl alcohol wherever suitable to disinfect the guitar well.

Quarantine It

After you are done cleaning, simply quarantine the guitar for 2 to 3 days to ensure that it is free of Covid-19.

Stay home and stay safe. Self-quarantine yourself including your guitar in this dangerous time of Covid-19.

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