Is Music A Form of Communication?

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Communication plays a vital role in human life as it is the only way people can work together effectively on anything. The content of the communication can be facts, concepts, opinions, ideas, attitudes, and emotions. There are different types of communication- verbal, written and body language. Good and effective communication is an essential tool to develop relationships and achieve success in life both personally and professionally. There are so many different languages in the world through which people communicate on a day to day basis. English is one of the most common languages used all over the world for effective communication. How about music as a tool of communication? It is the most powerful means of communication. Music has tied people together for millions of years. It not only serves the purpose of entertainment bit also carries a message. In today’s world, it won’t be wrong to say that music is still used to communicate messages as it used to be in the olden days. The main content of the music is to express basic human emotion. Let’s see how it is connected with different factors of the emotion.

  • Tempo refers to the speed or pace of the music. Fast tempos are associated with happiness, excitement, and anger while slow ones convey sadness or serenity.
  • Mode refers to the type of scale where major mode communicates happiness and joy, and minor mode communicates sadness.
  • Volume refers to the intensity and power of emotion and anger.
  • Melody also communicates emotions. For example, complimenting harmonies show happiness, relaxation, serenity, and clashing harmonies show excitement, anger, and sadness.
  • Rhythm also communicates several emotions. A smooth and consistent rhythm reflects happiness, peace, and joy. A rough or irregular rhythm reflects amusement or uneasiness. And music with varied rhythms reflects a feeling of joy.

Apart from emotions, there are certainly other factors that act as the performer’s skill and state including physical appearance, reputation, ability to play music and overall personality of the musician. A performer’s state is nothing but the personalized interpretation of the music, motivation for performing it and the musician’s stage presence.

Here comes the choice of a musical instrument as well as to what type of musical instrument you are playing, how you are holding it, and whether you are playing it well. Therefore, be careful in selecting the musical instrument. Visit Global Music, the best online music instruments store in the Philippines.

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