How To Choose A Trombone For The First Time?

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A trombone is a simple brass instrument which is favourite of many. The word has originated from Italian tromba (trumpet) which means large. There are different types of trombones and the most common ones include tenor and bass trombones. If you are a beginner and about to buy your first trombone, then these tips might be a help to you. The important considerations include the following:

What is your budget?

What type of music or genre do you intend to play?

How long do you intend to play?

What are your trombone goals? Do you intend to play professionally?

Do you plan to buy a used or new one, or a rented one?

Which type of trombone do you intend to buy? For example, if you are looking for a bass trombone, do you want in-line or dependent valves?

Let us take a look at the most common trombones that are used worldwide.


The tenor trombone, popularly known as straight trombone is the most common one and preferred by most beginners. It is lightweight and free blowing due to no tubing inside the main section. It is the most affordable choice for beginners of any age.


The bass trombone looks similar to the tenor trombone but with a larger bell, wider bore, larger mouthpiece, and the addition of one or two valves. It is larger and heavier than tenor and therefore ideal for more experienced players.


The valve trombone is played in many parts of Europe, South America, and India. It comes in many sizes and known for fast tempos that can be played with more ease and precision.


The alto trombone is found primarily in orchestral settings and is often used for soloing. It is pitched higher than the tenor trombone.


The soprano trombone is a small-sized trombone, popularly known as the slide trumpet. It was originated in Germany and sometimes used in Jazz settings. It is less common today, with its musical functions often performed by the trumpet or woodwind instruments.


The marching trombone or flugelbone looks like a large cornet but produce true trombone sounds. This innovative compact design is easy to carry and march with than a traditional trombone.

Select your trombone wisely to make the most of your instrument. Check Global Music, an online music store in the Philippines to buy the trombone of your choice.

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