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What Are The Most Popular Types of Guitars? | Part-2

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The blog Continues from here: What are the most popular types of guitars ?|Part -1

Classical Guitar: Classical guitar, also referred to as Spanish guitar is the most common type of guitar. This is a perfect one for all the beginners. It contains nylon strings and therefore also called nylon string guitar. It is mainly used to play classical, jazz, pop, folk and Latin.

Flamenco Guitar: Flamenco guitar is very similar to classical guitars. This type of guitar is also called viola in Brazil. This guitar is meant for the advanced learners. The main difference in classical and flamenco remains that fretboard is wider in the latter.

Archtop Guitar: Archtop guitar is a steel string instrument. The top and the back of the body is carved into a curved shape rather than a flat one. It looks like a violin. Archtop is both electric and acoustic and available in two types – the full-bodied and the thin line. It is mostly played by jazz and country musicians.

Resonator Guitar: This is the most unique type of guitar. They do not have a regular sound hole but a large circular perforated cover plate that perfectly hides the resonator cone. The cone does the job of a loudspeaker and is made of spun aluminium. This guitar produces a loud and clear sound. It is mostly preferred by blue and country musicians.

Double Neck Guitar: In this type, two guitars share the same body including a standard conventional neck that holds that strings pretty well. This guitar is multi functional and best for musicians who need to cover all the notes. It is mostly played by rock musicians.

Bass Guitar: Bass guitar as the name says, is the bass instrument of the guitar family. It has a long neck and four to six thick strings. It is similar to an electric guitar both appearance and features wise.

Red Neck Guitar: It is similar to a double neck guitar as it has two guitars sharing the same body. The red neck is best played in solo to add the flexibility to the musician.

Hollow Body Electric Guitar: This guitar is mostly used by the jazz musicians. It’s easy to carry as the body is sleek and solid.

These are the most common types of guitars available for all the guitar players. Check with a Global Music store, a renowned guitar supplier in the Philippines to buy your type.


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