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What Are The Most Popular Types of Guitars? | Part-1

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Today, we will focus upon the main types of guitars available in the market. Well, many of us dream to play the guitar as it looks fascinating to us. Some learn to play the guitar as a hobby while some learn to pursue his/her career in this field. You can easily buy guitars online nowadays. First, let us understand the different types of guitars and their distinct characteristics in order to buy the right one for you.

Acoustic Guitar


An Acoustic guitar is the most popular and widely used all over the world. It has a hollow body that creates a deep and loud sound. They are mainly of two types: steel string and classical. Steel string acoustic guitar, often referred to as flat tops produce a metallic sound which is a unique type. The common ones include jazz, rock, folk and so on. On the other hand, the classical guitar has a wider neck and are strung with nylon strings. They are also referred to as Spanish guitars because it originated in Spain.

Electric Guitar

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An electric guitar is fun to hear and play both as they mainly play rock, pop, jazz, and blues. It does not have a resonance hole like acoustic and its body is made of solid wood. It requires an amplifier to produce the sound. Its strings are thinner than the acoustic ones. The two most popular ones are the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul.

Electro-acoustic guitar

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An Electro-acoustic guitar or semi-acoustic guitar is the same. This guitar is an electric guitar fitted with a huge hollow sound box to produce a loud sound. The ovation range of this type uses under-the-saddle piezo pickups and a synthetic bowl-back. Ovation introduced this type and Taylor, Yamaha, Maton and many more companies continue to manufacture the same at present.

12-String Guitar

As the name says, it has 12 strings, six regulars with a second set of thinner strings.This type plays a better sound than the regular six-string guitars and therefore it is slightly expensive than the latter.

Steel Guitar

Steel guitar originated in Hawaii. It is played while placing it on the knees horizontally crossways. There are two types of steel guitars- pedal and lap steel guitars. This guitar has a distinctive sound and is widely used in country music.

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