The Roaring Health Benefits of Drumming!


Drumming your way to better health might seem unreal, but you will be surprised that there are serious health benefits of playing these not-so-quiet drums. Let’s find out how.

Makes you fit and happy: Drumming is a fun way to exercise. It is a physical activity that stimulates parts of the brain keeping the four limbs doing something different. The fitter you are, the easier it is for you to play for a longer period. After an intense workout, while drumming, you automatically feel happy as your mind becomes more clear and everything moves harmoniously within the body. It releases endorphins, enkephalins, and Alpha waves in the brain that makes you feel happy. To enrol in a drum circle or a cardio drumming class and see the difference.

Reduces Pain: A study from group drumming lessons suggests that drumming distracts from the alleviating pain even if it is chronic. It promotes endorphin production and endogenous opiates those are the natural painkillers for our body. It helps to distract attention from grief as well.

Combat stress, depression, and other neurological conditions: drumming helps to relax, lower blood pressure levels and reduces stress. Today’s hectic life demands time for proper relaxation, and drumming is the best way to destress which adds fun at the same time.

Boosts Immune System: According to research, it has been observed that drumming circles boost the immune system. It increases natural T-cells that help the body combat cancer as well l as other viruses including AIDS.

Develops confidence: drumming can help you to develop confidence when you are unsure of your capabilities at times. A drummer is any band’s solid foundation and its heartbeat. If the drummer sucks, the band will suck. Hence, it boasts enormous self-confidence every time you play it.

Makes Money: beyond al the mental and physical benefits of being a drummer, there is one more strong reason that it van make you loads of money in the present and the future. And the best thing is you are your boss being a drummer. You can easily pick the times and set the rates as per your convenience.

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