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Learn To Play Classical Guitar With These Simple Steps


Do you already play acoustic or electric guitar and now wanna try your hands on a classical one? It is a good choice as classical guitar, unlike, its name does not remain a constraint to classical music only. It is quite versatile and you can play a wide range of styles, be it classical, Latin or Pop. Yes, you heard it right. So are you ready to get started? Let’s do it.

Start a Fresh

Even if you have played acoustic or electric guitar before, you need to start from the beginning as the classical guitar technique is very different from the two. Many experienced guitarists find it challenging to play initially. You can play a wide range of styles with this one. The technique is very different and its neck has a very different feel from the other guitars.

Choose The Right Guitar and The Essentials

Obviously, you will need to buy a classical guitar first of all. We recommend looking for one with a solid top which is not laminated. The type of tone-wood used will have a strong influence on its sound. Apart from a good quality guitar, you will also need a bag or case to keep the guitar inside, a guitar tuner, a capo, a strap, and picks.

Learn The Chords, Notes, and Tuning

Start with the easiest beginning chords, similarly, start with the easy version of chords. To play a classical guitar, it is imperative to strum chords rhythmically. Make sure to have an accurate guitar tuner and use it every time you play.

Discover Your Desired Position

While playing the classical guitar, you must be in the most comfortable position. So, choose a comfortable sitting or standing posture, choose a firm chair that is high enough so that your shin and thigh make a 90 degrees angle. Your back should be straight but relaxed. Your left hand should reach the fretboard while still keeping the shoulders straight.

Work Hard On Your Fingers

Classical guitar requires a lot of strength and proficiency. You need to sort out the fingers(the nail as well as the tip) first and then take time to develop the technique and endurance. For example, longer nails on the strumming hand often help to produce the right sound.

Start today and visit Global Music, the best quality guitar supplier in the Philippines to buy Classical Guitar and accessories online. If you are still unsure, start it now. It is the only way you will know it.

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