Different Career Options For Music Lovers | Part-3

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Different Career Options for Music Lovers |Part-2

There are many different types of music, each with its own style. Music occupations vary just like music styles. This blog is the continuation of the above blog. Let’s discuss the remaining career options for music lovers.

Concert Master

Concertmasters are the leaders of the first violin section of an orchestra, plus they perform as soloists as well. They are experts with years of training and work closely together with the conductor. They often hold a degree from music performance programmes.


A conductor is a manager who is responsible for managing orchestras, choirs or groups of musicians through visual gestures. This role requires good management skills and an ear for symphonies. Someone with good management skills can tr this career option for sure.

Booking Agent

A booking agent is a people-person and has the gift of the gab. They are simply responsible for arranging the best gigs, appearances, and shows for the clients. They handle the celebrities and ensure that they have the very best deals.

Road Manager

A road manager is popularly referred to as a tour manager. He travels with musicians and bands while touring and ensures everything runs smoothly. He is primarily responsible for booking accommodations, media interactions, money handling, and all other necessities.

A&R Coordinator

This one is apt for those who have a good ear for fresh talent and always in the discovery of struggling bands and singers. An outgoing and personable personality with a strong network of industry leaders and preferable a PR and Communications degree holder is the best choice for this profession.

Music Festival/Concert Organiser

There is a lot required when arranging a concert or a music festival, such as booking the artists, ordering the equipment, marketing the gig and so on. It requires event planning and organizing skills to follow the path of a concert or music festival organizer.


A rockstar is the face of some rock band and acts as the representative or spokesperson of the group. He/she is a multitasker and is expected to write songs, perform them, and also serve as a mouthpiece during several interviews.

Therefore, we would like to conclude by saying that these are the best and most popular career options for the music lovers out there. Making a career in the music industry is not only restricted to playing with a musical instrument of your choice. Explore these options too alongside checking out your favourite musical instruments for sale in the Philippines.

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