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Beginner’s Guide – How To Set Up A Drum Kit?

The day you receive your first drum set is a matter of joy and excitement. But, a common question arises on a beginner’s mind – how to set up the drum kit? Yes, the process of setting up a drum kit is time-consuming, depending upon various aspects like height, weight, reach, etc. But it is as crucial as tuning a guitar to a guitarist. There is no perfect way to do it. It is all about trials and errors. But, hey. Who got it right in the first try!

So, are you ready to get started? Let’s do it. Stay with us through this drum kit guide.

The Drum Throne

Placing the drum throne i.e. the stool at an adjustable height so that your feet comfortably reach the ground, and also designates the position of the snare drum, toms, cymbals, hi-hats to access a comfortable reach.

The Bass Drum

The bass drum is the biggest and is hard to set. While setting up the bass drum make sure the spurs are extended enough so that the drum isn’t touching the floor. This is the best time to fit your drum pedal. Adjust the tightness of the spring for a comfortable delivery.

The Hi-Hats

Next, get your hi-hats and align the hi-hat pedal with the bass pedal. There should be enough space between the two pedals so that your snare can fit between. Now that you have placed the hi-hat pedal, find the best height, this is dependent on personal preference and playing style.

The Snare Drum

Place the snare drum between your hi-hat and bass drum. Adjust the height of the snare drum roughly at waist level so that you can hit the drum in the center comfortably.

The Toms

Now position the toms around the kit from left to right. You should have high tom, medium tom and then the low tom. Position them so that they are easy to get.

The Cymbals

The ride cymbal is placed near the low or mid tom. And the crash cymbal is placed between the hi-hat and high tom. You need to be able to play all the parts comfortably.

This is the basic drum kit setup guide you need to follow to get the perfect layout. Remember that it is up to you how you want to set up your drum kit. Keep it comfortable for yourself.
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