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5 Must-Have Accessories You Need To Buy For Your Guitar

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Picking your first guitar would have been quite the task for you, but at least you have started your journey. Every guitarist has their gadgets and accessories that help them out to play better. But for a beginner, the first question comes in their mind – what accessories to have as a guitarist? Well, in this blog we are highlighting the must-have guitar accessories you need to buy to get the most out of your guitar.


The most crucial part before you begin to play is tuning your guitar. Of course, you can tune it by yourself, but to ensure you are doing it perfectly a tuner is essential. This battery-powered device allows the guitarist to tune up and down to the right pitch. They are very accurate and surprisingly affordable.


Capo is the most useful device that a guitarist can own. They are basically;ly found in the toolkit of acoustic and classical guitars which allows the sound of their playing completely. They are mainly used to shortening the playable of the instrument.


If you are planning to play the guitar while standing up for a long time, then a strap is a must-have guitar accessory. A guitar strap will be able to hold the guitar while you play and comes handy while you carry it. Choose the one which evenly distributes the load and can be adjusted to a length you are comfortable with.


a pick or a plectrum is the best friend of every guitarist out there. They come in a different size, material, and thickness. The plectrum that’s best for you depends upon personal preference and many trials and errors. Plectrums also have the uncanny ability to go missing, therefore do not forget to have many spares close to you.


Your guitar is equivalent to investment, therefore it deserves protection. Spend on quality gig bags that are lightweight and will protect your guitar perfectly.

So there you have it all. Add these accessories if you don’t have them already. Find all the above-mentioned accessories at Global Music, the best guitar supplier in the Philippines.

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